Everyone loves a great smelling car and with Autofresh you get that every time you open the door.

For long lasting freshness, spray onto your carpets and fabric mats. 

1. Apply sparingly to carpets or trim fabric. Remove unwanted over spray with a clean microfibre cloth. Avoid use on nubuck leather, suede, plastic and painted surfaces.

2.If the odour persists, wash the surface thoroughly with the help of shampooing (Interior Shampoo) to eliminate the origin of the odour.

Q: Can I use this to mask an odour?
A: We would always recommend to clean the source of an odour with Interior Shampoo however it is always a good idea to keep a bottle of Autofresh in the glove box as a quick fix until you have time to properly clean your interior.

Q: Will this stain my fabrics if I spray directly onto seats or carpeting?
A: Autofresh is a non-staining formulation. This means you can safely spray this directly to you carpets, seats and floor mats.

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